There are several Supernatural creatures in Horizon form talking animals to just about anything you can imagine.


The Oracles appear as old men atop large crystal balls. These wise being deliver advise throughout horizon with prophecies and visions of what might happen. They are the being to assign an angel to save a mortal because they know days before when a mortal is to die. The Oracles are in charge of the orientation of a rookie angel and assign petty officers to them. They also make the weaponry and other objects for the guardian angels


Cherubs are small childlike creatures that need to keep busy or else they will get depressed and sick. They make the salt at Operations and monitor and survey the Hall of Souls. They hardly talk but will periodically have conversations with Archangels and Guardians.


Several types of animals are used in Horizon to run various things to help the Guardians in anyway.

Elevator OperatorsEdit

They elevators of Horizon are specially made to travel through the void to get to horizon or other planes of existence. The operators are normally highly educated primates such as Chimps and Gorillas. They are the reason the Angels can safely make it from Earth to Horizon and back again.

Sky-car DriversEdit

The Sky Cars are driven by some sort of flying creature like a seagull. Even before the Sky Car was invented these birds would link together and take an Angel to where they needed to get to. If the Sky Car breaks the drivers will have to take the passenger(s) themselves to the next platform. They all wear a red cap with a number retched in gold on it. The Sky car drivers require tips for their service, preferably jewelry.

The Great EaglesEdit

The Great Eagles are the guards of the angel prison Tartarus. They are powerful and huge and should not be trifled with.


When an angel goes to earth on a mission most mortals will see the angels as other mortals thanks to the angels M-Suits. There are some humans however, that can see an angel for who they are, seeing their brilliant golden aura. These people are called sensitives. Sensitives work for the legion to help with specials missions such as retrieving an elemental or other special missions.