Horizon is where everything originated. This is where mortals go after death. It is also the home to the guardian angels and HQ to the beings that govern the mortal worlds. This is also where mortal souls are kept and reborn into different bodies.

Levels of HorizonEdit

Horizon exists on seven different levels , or planes, each with its own Archangel and managed by the oracles.


This is the first level of horizon. It is where all new guardians go when they first die to be assigned to a petty officer to be mentored.


The second plane of Horizon, Operations is where the guardians practice combat. For most, operations is the command center and headquarters. They will get their assignments and will be commissioned from operations.

Miracles DivisionEdit

The third plane of Horizon, the miracles division is where human miracles heal the sick, cure deadly diseases, and rescue guardians from comas. When a guardian is injured in battle they are sent to the Healing-Xpress in level three to be healed and return to work faster.

Hall of SoulsEdit

Level four, the Hall of Souls is where all the souls are kept and reborn in a great hall. If a soul cannot be reborn is it thrown into the White Fires of Atma to be incinerated.

Department of DefenseEdit

The fifth level of Horizon, the Department of Defense, also known as the Counter Demon Division(CDD), this is where the most elite and special angels work. They track and eliminate demons. To get to level five you need a special golden key card.

Council of MinistersEdit

The sixth level of Horizon, this is where the council lives and meets. It is a massive city that floats in the open sky. The council is made up by seven executive archangels that is responsible for the regulations of the rules in Horizon. This is also where the angel prison, Tartarus, is located.

The ChiefEdit

The highest level of Horizon and where the Chief himself lives. All archangels and oracles have access and some guardians upon special invitation. It is top secret and is rumored to be a penthouse in the stars.