The Demon Legion consists of the creatures of the Netherworld. The demons want to take over the mortal Earth and make it their own. They need to eat souls to survive, whether that is mortal or angel souls.

Higher DemonsEdit

The Higher Demons are much stronger than the Lesser Demons. They take on the appearance of mortals when on earth like the angels, however, a guardian can easily recognize them by their white hair and greyish skin. Higher Demons are a force to be reckoned with, they have supernatural strength, speed, and endurance and take much more to kill then the normal Lesser Demon. Normal Angel weaponry has little effect on the Higher Demons because they can heal themselves in combat.

Lesser DemonsEdit

The lowest rand of demons in the Netherworld. They are the most common form of demon to be found on earth. Despite being the weakest demons they still take a more advanced angel to kill. They are cunning and deadly. Lesser demons have killed thousands of angels while an angel has probably killed four or five in their lifetime.

Types Of Lesser DemonsEdit

Clown DemonsEdit

Clown Demons are Lesser Demons that wear clown outfits. They like to scared young children to death then take their souls. They will sometimes take on the forms of dolls only to come alive and attack the children when they feel the time is right.

Hound DemonsEdit

These Hellhounds are experts at tracking and killing. Hound Demons are the demonic form of a dog with glowing red eyes and look like Doberman Pinschers. However, they are covered in tentacles rather than fur.


Imps are small supernatural most of time working for the demons from the Netherworld. They are wild and sometimes uncontrollable making them dangerous and deadly

Morax DemonEdit

The Morax Demons look like a cross between a skinned gorilla and a giant beetle. They have twisted bodies with raw flesh and are covered in blood.


These creatures are half demons, half mortal. They are beautiful and extremely deadly. Mortal men are taken back by their looks and they fall into a trance state. This make them easier targets making the Sanskirts able to kill up to 100 men in one night.

Shadow DemonEdit

This demon is made entirely of shadows, hence the name, Shadow Demons. They look like a dark shifting fog and can flicker out of sight. These demons take a solid form for a few moments before returning to their shadow form.

Snow BeastsEdit

The Snow Beasts are ape-like with white fur and rows of teeth sticking out of their backs. They look like a nix between the abominable snowman and albino wolves on steroids.

Demon RanksEdit

Archfiends – Netherworld Directing officers (similar to Archangels).

Demon Lords – Netherworld General Officers.

Higher Demons – Demon lieutenants, leaders of demon troops.

Lesser Demons/Lesser Fiends – Soldiers, minions, thugs, front liners.